Unlimited Hot Water

One of the many projects Mark completed this season in Stuart was to install a solar panel that will heat our water.  Friends Matt and Karen on Where 2, another Lagoon 420, gave us this idea.  They told us they always have hot water during the daylight hours from their solar panel.  With our new 6th battery, our five solar panels on the bimini, and our new wind generator, we hope to be creating enough power to meet our needs. This additional solar panel will enable us to have hot water on demand without turning on the generator, which is the only other way we have to heat it.  We had brackets and a shelf made to hold the solar panel above the dinghy and Mark installed it.  In the past we have resorted to sun showers (a bag of water heated by the sun with a tube running through an open hatch into the master shower) or we turned on the generator to heat the water. This solar panel should pay for itself with all the fuel we will save by not running the generator.