Always Try the Most Obvious Fix First

Even I know that when something on a boat isn’t working, often the most obvious solution is the one to try first.  Sadly, our riggers did not do that.  It turns out there was NOTHING wrong with the radar unit.  It was sent away to Raymarine and sent back with nothing done because it works, all of this holding up the repair by at least several weeks.  When the mast was taken down, with the radar not disconnected, one of the riggers cut the cable to it.  Mark saw it happen. And it turns out that is probably the reason the radar unit is not working. We are now waiting for them to find a new cable. They’ll be back tomorrow, or Friday.


In the meantime, the anemometer is fixed.  We have a new unit at the top of our mast.  It’s nice to know the wind speed and direction again.


IMG_4339So quite obviously we won’t get to Miami to cross by Sunday.  Monday and Tuesday might still be possibilities. All of this is very disappointing.  We have had our cruise delayed because someone didn’t think of the most obvious fix first.