It’s a Table!

After many weeks of working on a new drop leaf table for the cockpit, Mark finished it.  He still wants to sand it down and put another coat of epoxy on it.  There are four coats on it already, but the last coat was too thick so he has to fix it.  Unfortunately it has been drizzling and rainy for days, so he can’t do it yet.  Previously we had a low “cocktail” table in the cockpit which could be switched with the large dining table in the salon.  We rarely did this, so missed lots of opportunities to eat meals outside.  The wood matches what we already have on the other dining table.   When the leaves are up, it is actually a little larger than the one in the salon because it is a rectangle and the other one has rounded corners. Many of the Lagoon 420’s we’ve been on have either made, or had made, a large dining table for the cockpit, which is where we got the idea.  We actually get many of our ideas from other owners and make it a point to visit any 420’s we see.  Making it a drop leaf gives us plenty of leg room when not using the full table and also makes it easy to get in and out. It also makes it easier for Sailor to jump up on the seats, although he doesn’t know that yet.  Can’t wait to play Mexican Train on this one.